Guests were beginning to arrive and mingle inside the beautiful wedding venue, Bella Cosa. Everyone was eager to see Tammy and Jacob say ‘I do’ and to celebrate! Just then, the smallest cloud rolled in. A few good luck wedding day rain drops came out and then the cloud was gone just as quickly as […]


November 19, 2022

Tammy & Jacob- Bella Cosa- Lake Wales, Fl.- Wedding

Bella Cosa Wedding

This wedding was extremely special to us. Not only are Nicole and Luke two of the kindest and most joyful people you could meet, this is our second time having the privilege to photograph their wedding celebration. Back in 2019, these two had a very intimate ceremony in Clearwater Florida. Since, Nicole and Luke have […]


October 7, 2022

Nicole & Luke- La Jolla, CA.- Wedding

Collage of photos of bride and groom at California wedding

Are you planning a big family vacation? It might even be the first time to whole family is getting together in a few years! So naturally, you want to make sure everyone has a great time but you also want to ensure those memories are captured. We totally get it! We live right near Disney […]

Family photos

August 4, 2022

Family portraits on vacation in Florida

Family portrait on Clearwater Beach Florida

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!!! I think it’s easy to say that 2020 hasn’t been many people’s favorite year. And understandably so. Yianni and I, as business owners in the wedding industry definitely felt the affects of this year but we also felt something else. We felt all the joy. It was amplified at the micro […]


January 1, 2021

Best of 2020

This engagement session was super special to me. Not just because Becca and Nick are legitimately the most joyful couple you will ever meet and not just because we took these photos in my favorite city in Florida. This session was so special because Becca was one of my absolute favorite people in high school! […]

Couple, Engagement Session

September 20, 2020

Becca & Nick- Dunedin, Fl.- Engagement

Left photo of engaged couple standing on the beach as she twirls on her blue flowery dress and right photo of guy kissing fiancé on the temple as she giggles at Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida.

When you picture the perfect day in Florida, what do you see? Clear blue skies, soft waves hitting the shore, the most refreshing breeze to make the palm trees sway and plenty of sunshine. Well that is the exact picture of what Kaila and Grant’s wedding day looked like. They held their wedding at the […]


September 6, 2020

Kaila & Grant- The Rusty Pelican Tampa, Fl.- Wedding

Groom leads bride on wedding day at The Rusty Pelican in Tampa Florida

You know that perfect home you have saved to your Pinterest board? The one with the stunning white kitchen with the detailed backsplash and the relaxing pool out back. That is Jessica and Travis’ house! I am telling you guys, I don’t ever think I’ve said the words, “Your kitchen photographs so beautifully!!” until their […]

Anniversary, Couple, Family photos, Lifestyle

September 3, 2020

Jessica & Travis- Tampa, Fl.- Anniversary

Left photo of DIY couple in white kitchen with wife on the counter and husband standing next to her and right photo of wife on counter kissing her husband in Tampa Florida

Whenever we have a couple who is willing to get up before the sunrise for their engagement photos, we know that it is going to be an amazing session! This definitely was the case with Sarah and Cameron! We started the morning at Curtis Hixon park in Tampa, Florida and just love that beautiful morning […]

Couple, Engagement Session

August 29, 2020

Sarah & Cameron- Tampa, Fl.- Engagement

JOYFUL COUPLES & PUPPIES. What do these two things have in common? They are our favorite things to photograph! So when we found out we were going to get both at Jennifer and Joey’s engagement session, we were pretty excited! I’m pretty sure I even let out a not so quiet squeal when they arrived […]

Engagement Session

July 18, 2020

Jennifer & Joseph- St. Cloud, Fl.- Engagement

Photo on left shows couple petting their golden retriever as they all smile. Photo on right of beautiful young girl standing behind her fiance holding is arm and leaning on to his shoulder.

Their backs were against a conjoining wall, holding hands without seeing one another. They stood silently, taking in the fact that it was finally here. Their wedding day. A sweet prayer was said by Ty as Caytie squeezed his hand tightly. They said “I love you and see you out there”. This was such a […]


June 26, 2020

Caytie & Ty- Lake Wales, Fl.- Wedding

photo on left of bride and groom on staircase in front of venue, photo on right of groom kissing the bride on the head and bride looking ant the camera holding her bouquet