Jennifer & Joseph- St. Cloud, Fl.- Engagement


What do these two things have in common? They are our favorite things to photograph! So when we found out we were going to get both at Jennifer and Joey’s engagement session, we were pretty excited! I’m pretty sure I even let out a not so quiet squeal when they arrived and Penny, their ridiculously adorable 6 month old puppy hopped out of the back seat! Guys just look at her!

Newly Engaged couple kneeling and kissing while their golden retriever sits between them holding a sign that says, "My Humans Are Getting Married!"

Seriously, she could not have been a more photogenic, well-behaved good girl! We loved meeting her and were so impressed with her!

Penny wasn’t the only thing that impressed us during this engagement session though. Jennifer and Joey BROUGHT IT for their photos. They were crushing each pose we would give them! By the end of the session, I was just letting them do their thing because they were so good! Not only do these two look great in front of a camera, the connection between them is electrifying and uplifting all at once. Best friends in love with one another. We were soaking up ALL the joy during their session.

Jen and Joey,

We are just so glad we finally met in person! It was definitely worth the wait though. You two are an absolute joy to be around and we loved spending the evening with you both! Your positive and adventurous attitudes were inspiring. December can’t come fast enough, we just know that your wedding day is going to be stunning! Until then, give Penny lots of treats and pets for us (Yianni misses his adventure partner already lol!) <3

Big hugs and lots of love,

Kourtney and YianniPhoto on left shows couple petting their golden retriever as they all smile. Photo on right of beautiful young girl standing behind her fiance holding is arm and leaning on to his shoulder. Beautiful newly engaged couple smiling and going in for slow kiss Photo on left of couple holding each other in the forest. Photo of left is a couple standing together with their golden retriever between them. Newly engaged couple kissing their golden retriever as they hold her between them. Left photo of future husband standing behind wife holding her with his arms around her as she gently smiles down her shoulder. Photo on right of couple walking down a path with lushes tall trees around them. Photo on left of couple sitting on a fallen tree gazing into each others eyes with bright green leaves around them. Photo on right of couple standing next to fallen tree with their golden retriever sitting bedside them. Newly engaged couple kissing under huge lush bright green trees. Left photo is a picture of a young golden retriever with a sign around neck and photo on right is a couple in high meadow grass kissing Photo on left of couple facing away from camera as she looks behind her and he kisses her on the temple. Photo on right of couple walking their golden retriever on the bright green forest. Photo on left of guy wearing a light teal shirt near a shirt. Photo on right of future bride brushing her hair behind her wearing a flowery dress. Picture on left is of newly engaged couple in high meadow lush grass. Picture on right of couple sitting on a huge fallen tree. Left photo has a gentleman brushing the hair around his fiance's ear. Photo on right is girl kissing her fiance on the cheek. Couple standing in the forest facing each other and holding one another with their foreheads touching. Photo on left of Guy dipping girl as her hair falls beautifully. right photo as couple sitting a fallen tree as she lays back into him. Photo on left of couple kneeling with their dog and smiling in the forest. photo on right of couple standing in the forest smiling. Photo on left of happy couple with girl standing behind him holding him tight. Photo on right couple standing in front of lushes bright green bushes holding and kissing each other. Future wife standing behind fiance holding his bicept and smiling at the camera as he smiles at her. Photo on right of guy intimately holding fiance on a huge fallen tree.. Engaged couple facing away from camera kissing in tall grass.


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