Jessica & Travis- Tampa, Fl.- Anniversary

DIY couple sitting on kitchen counter behind a bottle of wine in Tampa, Florida.

You know that perfect home you have saved to your Pinterest board? The one with the stunning white kitchen with the detailed backsplash and the relaxing pool out back. That is Jessica and Travis’ house! I am telling you guys, I don’t ever think I’ve said the words, “Your kitchen photographs so beautifully!!” until their anniversary session. These two enjoy taking on DIY projects together and they have put a lot of work into their home. So when it came time to celebrate their five year anniversary with a photo session, what better place to hold it than their beautiful home!

They spent the evening sipping wine, baking cookies and playing with their adorable pups Harvey (Just wait until you see this little cutie, he just stole our hearts). Getting to talk to these two and finding out all about the different spots of their home they have made theirs with custom projects was so much fun. Plus, any time cookies are involved, you know I’m going to be a fan.

Jessica and Travis,

Thank you so much for opening your home to us! Taking these photos to help you commemorate your wedding anniversary was such a joy! You have the most lovely home and we honestly went home looking at how we could renovate our living space! lol You’ve inspired us! You two have a beautiful relationship and we are so glad we could be there to help capture this moment in your marriage. We hope we get to help your family capture more memories in the future!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Kourtney & Yianni

Photo on left of husband puting cookie dough on wife's nose as she mixes the dough in a beautiful white DIY kitchen and right photo of couple smiling each other while wife sit on kitchen island in Tampa, Florida. Left photo shows DIY couple mixing cookie dough together and right photo of couple sitting on couch with wife's legs over husband's legs in Tampa Florida. Do it yourself couple sitting on island in white kitchen holding their black dog in Tampa Photo on left of couple sitting in front of couch with red plaid blanket holding wine glasses and right photo of couple under their front door holding black dog in DIY photo session Left photo of DIY couple in white kitchen with wife on the counter and husband standing next to her and right photo of wife on counter kissing her husband in Tampa Florida Left photo of wife laying across cough looking down and holding her husband sit on ground and right photo of DIY couple sharing a glass of wine in white kitchen Tampa Florida Left photo of close up shot of couple holding their black dog and right photo of couple kissing in white DIY kitchen DIY couple smiling at one another in white kitchen while pouring chocolate chips into a bowl. DIY wife sitting with legs over husband and kissing each other Left photo of DIY couple snuggling in front of fire place with red plaid blanket having a glass of wine and right photo of couple standing under front doorway with their black dog and a welcome mat under them. DIY couple in Tampa Florida laying forward on bed laughing with one another. Both Photos of DIY couple standing on a bed with their black dog having a pillow fight in a white bedroom Left photo of DIY couple holding each other in their pool and right photo of husband holding wife from behind on their picture perfect blue pool. DIY couple sitting on the pool ledge holding each other and right photo of wife on husbands back in a pool in Tampa Florida Photo of DIY couple in a pool with husband kissing his wife on the temple and wife has hands wrapped around husbands neck in Tampa Florida

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