Sarah & Cameron- Tampa, Fl.- Engagement

Future bride and groom sitting on the side walk in front of a fountain.

Whenever we have a couple who is willing to get up before the sunrise for their engagement photos, we know that it is going to be an amazing session! This definitely was the case with Sarah and Cameron! We started the morning at Curtis Hixon park in Tampa, Florida and just love that beautiful morning sky we got. We had the park all to ourselves and I am absolutely in love with the images we were able to capture because of this! Afterwards, we drove over to the gorgeous University of Tampa campus to take some more formal photos! Sarah changed into a beautiful peach colored dress and Cameron complimented her perfectly in his grey suit. They looked amazing!

These two are getting married next year at a private residence and we could not be more excited about their big day. They are the most fun couple and have a zest for life that we absolutely cherish! Their wedding date is March 14th and any math expert and/or dessert connoisseur would recognize that date as Pi Day! So to our surprise, these two even brought a pie to their engagement session for a few photos. How incredibly cute and clever is that?! Yianni and I absolutely loved it!

Sarah and Cameron,

You two were such a joy to photograph and spend the morning with. Yianni and I loved getting to know you both and hearing all about your upcoming wedding. We truly could not be more excited to be the lucky photographers getting to capture this moment for you and are so looking forward to the big day!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Kourtney & Yianni

Young engaged couple smiling at each other in left photo and walking while staring into each others eyes in the right photo

Photo on left of couple posing at Kiley Gardens and photo on right is an engagement ring shining on flowers.

Engagement couple smiling at each other while they are holding a pie.

Left photo on future husband kissing his fiance on the cheek and photo on right of couple sitting on a blanket near Riverwalk in Tampa,FL.

Engaged couple holding their hands up and smiling at each other on the left and future bride kissing her fiance on the cheek in the picture to the right.

Engaged couple kissing at Kiley Gardens near Tampa Riverwalk at Curtis Hixon Park.

Left photo of future bride smiling at the camera, center photo of couple kissing with engagement ring shown, and right photo of future groom smiling at camera.

Engagement couple sharing a moment with one another in the clear open sky of Tampa.

Photo on left of engaged couple walking and smiling at each other at the University of Tampa and right photo couple holding hands smiling at the camera.

Left photo future bride in peach dress holding her fiance while both smiling at camera and right photo couple looking opposite ways while seated in front of a fountain.

Photo on left of future bride in peach dress looking to the right while photo on left of future groom in suit looking to the left and center photo of couple smiling under a huge tree.

Couple on left holding each other smiling at the camera and photo of right of future bride looking back towards camera smiling

Young engaged couple kissing near the University of Tampa

Left photo shoes couple sitting on blanket in the garden of the University of Tampa and right photo of future bride in peach dress smiling at camera.

Future groom nuzzling with his fiance in peach dress in Tampa, Florida.

Future groom smiling at camera on left photo and couple sitting in front of fountain on the right.

Couple holding hands on front of stairs at the University of Tampa in the left photo and couple laughing in right photo

  1. Jodie Irwin says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!❤ Sarah is my niece, and I already consider Cameron to be my nephew 😊, and you have captured their love, their spirit for each other beautifully. Thank you!! 💕💕💕

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