This engagement session was super special to me. Not just because Becca and Nick are legitimately the most joyful couple you will ever meet and not just because we took these photos in my favorite city in Florida. This session was so special because Becca was one of my absolute favorite people in high school! […]

Couple, Engagement Session

September 20, 2020

Becca & Nick- Dunedin, Fl.- Engagement

Left photo of engaged couple standing on the beach as she twirls on her blue flowery dress and right photo of guy kissing fiancé on the temple as she giggles at Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida.

Whenever we have a couple who is willing to get up before the sunrise for their engagement photos, we know that it is going to be an amazing session! This definitely was the case with Sarah and Cameron! We started the morning at Curtis Hixon park in Tampa, Florida and just love that beautiful morning […]

Couple, Engagement Session

August 29, 2020

Sarah & Cameron- Tampa, Fl.- Engagement

JOYFUL COUPLES & PUPPIES. What do these two things have in common? They are our favorite things to photograph! So when we found out we were going to get both at Jennifer and Joey’s engagement session, we were pretty excited! I’m pretty sure I even let out a not so quiet squeal when they arrived […]

Engagement Session

July 18, 2020

Jennifer & Joseph- St. Cloud, Fl.- Engagement

Photo on left shows couple petting their golden retriever as they all smile. Photo on right of beautiful young girl standing behind her fiance holding is arm and leaning on to his shoulder.

Hearts of gold, passionately in love and perfectly matched for one another. That is exactly how I would describe Jasmine and Nicholas. There was not one moment during their engagement session that I was not thinking these things. They absolutely stunned Yianni and I with their graciousness and with their sweet love for each other. […]

Engagement Session

February 28, 2020

Jasmine & Nicholas- Orlando, Fl.- Engagement

Engagement photos for couple at UCF

You know what’s hard to do? Getting up before the sunrise. You know what’s even harder to accomplish?? Getting up before the sunrise AND looking like models! Kaila and Grant did just that and guys, it paid off BIG time!! Their engagement photos are some of our favorite ever and we are obsessed with how […]

Engagement Session

February 16, 2020

Kaila & Grant- Tampa, Fl.- Engagement

Engaged couple have their wedding photographer take their engagement photos at Hyde Park in Tampa Florida.

As we walked along the beautiful coast of New Smyrna Beach with Stacy and Philip we enjoyed getting a chance to know them better. We immediately found out that they are two of the kindest people you could meet! They graciously welcomed us into their home when we arrived and the entire session they helped […]

Engagement Session

January 2, 2020

Stacy & Philip- New Smyrna Beach, Fl.- Engagement

Engagement photos for couple on Florida Beach

Erika and Mike flew all the way from Wisconsin for their engagement session and Florida made sure it was definitely worth their time! The weather was just as perfect as it could be and we had the most spectacular orange sunset to finish the day. The only thing more amazing than the setting of their […]

Engagement Session

December 21, 2019

Erika & Mike- St. Pete Beach, Fl.- Engagement

Have you ever seen pure happiness in a photo? You are about to when you look at Caytie and Ty together! These are two of the most joyful people we’ve ever met. They were all smiles and laughs during their engagement session and made the entire evening an absolutely dream! For their engagement session, they […]

Engagement Session

November 27, 2019

Caytie & Ty- Lake Wales, Fl.- Engagement

Couple takes engagement photos at sunset in Lake Wales, Fl. before wedding day

“My humans are getting married!” Emma, the sweetest puppy in the world, wore a sign that read just this to celebrate her two favorite humans during their engagement shoot! Brian and Taylor are one of our 2020 #kkaisercouples and we headed over to Bok Towers with them to celebrate the upcoming wedding. We have known […]

Engagement Session

November 14, 2019

Brian & Taylor- Lake Wales, Fl.- Engagement session

The water was a sparkling blue color, the sun was providing gorgeous lighting and the downtown Tampa skyline made the most picturesque background. Once Heather and Bryan stepped in front of my camera, none of that even stood out anymore. It simply could not compare to the beautiful couple standing on Bayshore Blvd. for their […]

Engagement Session

October 7, 2019

Heather & Bryan- Tampa, Fl.- Engagement Session