Ashleigh & Dalton- Engagement Session- Winter Park, Fl.

When I first started talking to Ashleigh about her engagement photos, I already knew that I was gonna love working with this couple! We have a mutual love for all things blush, she was the sweetest person and we have very similar styles! So I had been talking them up to Yianni as the days led up to their session. We were both excited to meet both Ashleigh and Dalton in person, but we couldn’t have known just how much we would have clicked! Meeting these two felt like hanging out with an old friend for a double date. They share the same love of staying home to binge-watch their tv shows, they love the Lightning (won Yianni over, for sure!), and they even brought us glasses so we could enjoy the champagne they were going to pop!!

These two not only have a sweet, genuine connection with each other but they have the most fun together! Seeing them interact with each other made me smile so much!! They didn’t need help posing, because as soon as you would go to take a photo, they would be snuggled up giggling with each other. Their laughter was contagious, too!! Everything about these two radiates love and we were about it!! Yianni and I were just standing behind the camera watching them be the perfect couple that they are, thinking about how lucky we are to get to serve such amazing couples!

On top of being the sweetest pair out there, just wait until you see how they rocked this session! I swear, Dalton was such a natural! I would start to coach them into a pose, look to Dalton, and there he was. Standing the exact way I was just about to ask! And then there is Ashleigh. Not only does she have the perfect smile, but can we talk about how pretty she is in that dress?! I got comments and even messages asking me about where she got that dress because she looked so fabulous wearing it! #trendsetter over here! If she looks this amazing for her engagement session, I cannot even imagine what a stunning bride she will be! <3

Dalton and Ashleigh, 

We absolutely loved spending the evening with you all so much and I can’t thank you enough for trusting us to take these important photos for you! We had the most fun hanging out with you all (also, don’t be surprised if Yianni wants to go to a hockey game some time lol! He was so excited he got to talk sports with another couple lol!)

You two are just the most genuinely kind people out there. Your wonderful hearts showed when you were so thoughtful to bring us glasses to share in a champagne toast. We saw it again when you were cheering on all the young couples all dressed up taking photos for prom. And we really felt it when you brought us such sweet, homemade gifts for us! You both are just the best and we are so happy we got to meet for your engagement photos. We know you all are going to have the most amazing wedding and an even better marriage ahead of you!! 

Lots of love,

Kourtney & Yianni

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