Yianni & Kourtney- Wedding- Maui, HI

It had been raining all morning. The radar showed no sign of it slowing down either. We waited for awhile, but we couldn’t hold off much longer. The coordinator comes over and asks me what I want to do. “I want to marry my best friend. Let’s do this”. I give the go ahead to start the ceremony.

Everyone takes their places. Our best friends are out there, excitedly waiting for us to finally tie the knot. It’s been exactly a decade, right down to the day. We are on a stunning cliff overlooking the never-ending ocean view, with palm trees swaying in the wind. Nothing, not even rain can ruin this moment.

I head out from under the shelter to make my way to Yianni, and then it happened. After just a few steps in the rain, it just stops. The musician plays the sweetest version of Elvis Presley’s, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You on the ukulele . Then the clouds seemed to move out of the way, just in time so that the sun could be a part of our wedding. We knew that the day was going to be perfect, but this was just the most amazing touch to our wedding day.

It has been an entire year since this day. I still feel as though it was just yesterday that I was walking down the aisle to the love of my life. We have yet to share the photos from our wedding simply because we are always so focused on sharing all our clients photos. We’ve been meaning to and we know so many of our friends and family who weren’t able to be with us in Hawaii on our wedding day have only seen a few photos and are always asking to see more! So we thought there was no better day to share them. (you know, other than when we first got them LOL!)

A year has passed, but each day is happier than the next. We can’t wait for a whole lifetime of what we have experienced this year! Thank you all for all of your love and support through not just the last year, but the last 11 years of our relationship! We hope you enjoy seeing some of our wedding photos and it brings you just a little piece of the paradise that we experienced that day.

Lots of love,

Kourtney & Yianni

*All the photos from our wedding day were taken by the wonderful team at Anna Kim Photography*

  1. Ellen says:

    Beautiful Bride. Handsome groom. Loved the dress.

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