Carly & Riccardo

The sun was bright. The sky was the most gorgeous shade of blue and there were no clouds to be found. The weather had just cooled down over the weekend and with the mix of the sun’s rays warming your skin and the breeze keeping you cool, it was as perfect of a day as you could imagine.
Yianni and I stood under the largest oak tree in Largo Central Park, where in just less than an hour, a beautiful ceremony would be taking place. A stunning bride in a detailed cloak and gown walks up from behind. She held a perfectly arranged creme and purple bouquet in her hand as she approached with a giant smile on her face; Carly was ready for her wedding day.
We had just left Riccardo and his guys in the venue where they were putting the finishing touches on their outfits. He talked about how excited he was to see his bride and how eager he was for her to walk down that aisle to him so they could begin the rest of their lives as a married couple. He was ready, but after we saw Carly, we knew there was no way he could possibly be ready for the emotions he would feel (Heck, I got a little emotionally when she walked up to us!). Sure enough, when she walked down that aisle towards her groom, it was like a scene right out of a movie. Her proud father walked her slowly as she hung onto his arm and Riccardo looked at her like there had never been a more beautiful sight in the whole world. There was a soft and sweet song playing in the background, as all of their guests rose to their feet to see the bride make her entrance. Time stood still as Carly and Riccardo locked eyes for the first moment on their wedding day. This was the moment they had been waiting for. The moment they would become husband and wife.

I very recently did Carly and Riccardo’s engagement session (in case you missed it, go check it out here) and I learned a lot about who they are as a couple. During their wedding day, all of their sweet traits and affection for one another was just amplified by the joy they were feeling. All their friends and family were so thrilled to be joined as one and wanted nothing more than to see the two of them begin what will be a very love-filled, happy life together. From the beautiful ceremony, to the sweet dances, to the thoughtful speeches loved ones gave for the couple you could feel the happiness from everyone in attendance. 

During their engagement session, I was able to see just how adventurous and fun-loving these two are. It wasn’t until the wedding that I found out where they get it from! BOTH families were super fun to spend the day with! The wedding was themed and every single member participated and was excitedly wearing their costumes and outfits. Everything was so well put together and it was awesome to get to be a part of such a unique wedding that they truly made their own. I included just a few of the details down below so you can see!

Riccardo and Carly,
Your wedding day was absolutely perfect. All the details you incorporated to make this day special to your love story shined and just enhanced the beauty of your love for one another. Spending the day with you and those you are closest to, it’s easy to see that you not only have the love and devotion for a successful marriage, but you have a strong foundation and support system from all of your family and friends. Yianni and I had so much fun meeting every one and spending the day celebrating you two, and we could not be more thankful to you both for asking us to capture your wedding day. We hope that you love the images and that you will be able to show generations to come how passionate and in love you have always been to one another. We wish you both nothing but the absolute best in your marriage!

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